Invisible superhydrophobic remedy from the manufacturer AquaProTech textile

For a long time will protect clothes, shoes, furniture, car salon from water, dirt, oils, reagents

The innovative water repellent AquaProTech Textile will easily protect your product from the effects of water.

Produced on modern equipment using raw materials from the best European manufacturers. The company-manufacturer “ARS-MAGNA” cooperates with leading Ukrainian and world scientific institutes.

Protects the following surfaces






Special fabric

Unlike ordinary water repellent for shoes and clothes, Aquaprotech textile has the following advantages:

Water repelling effect is much stronger than conventional means;

It retains its properties from 3 to 6 months, that is, more than 10 times longer than conventional means

Does not contain oil, paraffin, wax, silicone, acrylic, and other toxic components

Do not change the appearance of shoes and clothes, completely transparent and invisible means

Does not change the vapor and air permeability of materials, shoes and clothing breathe

Does not contain solvents, therefore it is harmless for sensitive materials such as suede and nubuck

Does not smell

Works on any type of fabric, and other textile surfaces


  1. Before applying AquaProTech Textile, make sure that the product has been cleaned of dirt, dust particles and detergents. The workpiece must be dry.
  2. Spray the AquaProTech Textile evenly at a distance of 15 cm.
  3. Allow to dry for 5 hours.

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