AM Glass is one solution from many problems!

Choose a long-term protection for your car: six months of cleanliness and safe management.


Prepare the surface (glass) for applying AM Glass for long-term protection against moisture: wash to a clear state, allow to dry

  1. Open the capacity №1 and the capacity №2. Pour the contents of capacity №2 into capacity №1. Stir (shake), pre-tightening the lid. Mixed components should be used within 12 hours.
  2. Wait 3 minutes.
  3. Using rotary movements, evenly, apply a rag for application (black) to the surface.
  4. Repeat points 3, 4 over the entire surface area – until the container №1 is fully used.
  5. Wait 5 minutes.
  6. Rotate the movement, evenly, to treat the surface with a cloth for polishing (gray) – bring it to a transparent state.
  7. It is recommended to dry for 30 minutes

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